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Welcome to fixed1t Supporters Page

If you are here then you have been helped by one of my fixed1t YouTube tutorial videos or you are interesting in donating to receive one of my custom software drivers or other support.

Thank You for clicking on my fixed1t Supporter link and coming to this page.


Many people believe that YouTube video developers are handsomely paid for views on their videos, but as with the rest of life the truth is stranger than fiction. In reality producers only receive a few cents per thousand or so clicks which many work for 20 million hits on "My Catfish Ate My Hat" type videos, but alas for tutorial and helpful videos it amounts to virtually nothing.

So How Can You Help support_fixed1t YouTube?

Option 1: Make A Small Donation

The simplest way to thank fixed1t is to support_fixed1t is by gifting fixed1t by using the following Paypal Donate box below to my sky_malc. Any amount will help me invest more time and technology to improve my fixed1t YouTube content. All gifts however small (Just $1 will help) be gratefully received but larger would be very welcome.

A fixed1t_supporter told me said I'd saved them weeks of works and gifted an amount equivalent to 10 cents in every dollar for the money they'd saved thanks to my fix. I'm not suggesting everybody do this but it seemed like a fair and reasonable offer.


Option 2: Use My fixed1t Amazon Influencer Page To Buy From Amazon

If you don't wish to gift money via Paypal to fixed1t for the help the video provided and you purchase from Amazon then you'll be pleased to here that AMAZON have selected fixed1t to be one of its " AMAZON INFLUENCERS " and fixed1t now has an Amazon Influencers page.

What's On The Amazon Influencers Page?

On the fixed1t Amazon Influencers page I will list items used in my videos that are available on Amazon, as a series of ideas in Ideas Lists. This is great as rather than search for a general item you can purchase the items by clicking one the items in the Ideas Lists.

fixed1t Amazon Influencer Page

If the item your interested in isn't there, then just use the search bar to find it. By doing this you will be helping me fixed1t, as an Amazon Influencer, Amazon will pay fixed1t a few cents for anything you purchase using this link, the money comes from Amazon and not you, It Really Costs You Nothing but a few minutes of your time.


Option 3: fixed1t eBay Project Purchase Links

If you do not wish to donate or use the fixed1t Amazon Influencer page and prefer to purchase from eBay the please click on the link below to go to my fixed1t eBay Project Purchases Page. Over the weeks few weeks and months I will be listing links to items I have used or tested in my fixed1t videos. I hope you find them useful. Thanks.

fixed1t eBay Project Purchase


Thanks fixed1t


MadPlayer Mac Midi Driver Request

If you wish to receive a copy of the MadPlayer Mac Midi Driver just donate to my sky_malc using the link below and email me to say you've donated and I will send you a copy of the driver and instructions.


If you came via Youtube and don't have an amazing MadPlayer music creation device then you can skip to the next paragraph.

I would really appreciate your help and support in doing this as it will enable me to produce more helpful tutorial content without having to sink to "My Granny Ate My Dog" videos, no matter how funny they are.

May I Thank You In Advance For All Your Generous Help And Support

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Best Wishes

Malcolm aka fixed1t