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fixed1t Robotic Hardware And Software Repairs

This page lists work I undertake and interesting projects using commercially available, almost affordable small to medium size research robots and robotic toys.

A one the main goals at fixed1t is to push old technology to see want it is capable of with a few changes and hacks using modern high-speed technology.

Project Range From:

  • Repairing Wowwee Robotics Humanoid Robots
  • Repairing small toy robots
  • Building, Modifying And Programming Research Robots
  • Programming small STEM Robots
  • Interfacing Robots to Open Source Software
  • Fixing Software Issues On Existing Robots

Project 1: cityeasy Bobi Bobi Humanoid Robot Repair And Programming

MadPlayer Front View

Issue 1: After a software update Bobi Bobi no longer responds to his name as shown in the following fixed1t youtube video:

Sadly, I have been unable to get a reply from cityeasy to reflash my Bobi 1 Humanoid Robot, so he no longer responds to his name. As the name response is needed for TTS and Speech To Text interactions then not know the name to call him can render him useless.

Thankfully, I found another video of a similar robot online where they called him 'siyee siyee' but I would like him back to 'Bobi Bobi' this is my goal.

Thanks fixed1t.