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can you buy fake reviews on amazon

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can you buy fake reviews on amazon



fixed1t has rapidly become experts in the repair and refurbishment of 1st generation asus google nexus 7 android tablets and provides uk customers with top quality second user parts and materials through its ebay site and has 100% positive users feedback

this excellent record has been achieved by focusing on the customer and ensuring their experience is positive and supportive through:

  • ensuring we supply only top quality goods
  • ensuring all items are checked before shipping
  • ensuring prompt despatch of well packaged goods on a signed for basis
  • responding positively to customer queries
  • developing simple free videos showing people how we carry out repairs and refurbishments
  • keeping costs down and prices reasonable and competitive.
  • bad product reviews for amazon and get paid

if your considering doing any sort work on your nexus 7, including just changing the battery! yourself or for somebody else, we recommend you watch the following 'make safe' video before doing anything else.

opening my nexus 7 wifi and 7 wifi 3g and making it safe

fixed1t has the following videos regarding the removal of the loca glue on the nexus 7 1st generation lcd panel and touch panel:

removing uv glue loca from working lcd display of a nexus 7 in 5 minutes

loca glue remover liquid - does it remove nexus 7 screen or lcd glue?

removing loca glue, how i make my own loca remover for the nexus 7

removing uv loca adhesive with isopropyl alcohol?

fixed1t has created specialised loca glue removal putty available to purchase in 1 - 1.5 gram rough balls of the putty. it has been created following extensive experimentation by fixed1t to make it quicker and simpler of users to remove the loca glue and re-use a panel. this fully tested and available on the fixed1t ebay pages using this link 'loca removal putty'

if you have any question and queries, then please post them on the relevant blog page:

fixed1t nexus fixes and refurb blogs

the complete playlist of fixed1t nexus 7 videos is:

fixed1t videos refurbishing and repair a asus google nexus 7

the current list of available parts on ebay is:

check out fixed1t ebay for the latest deals of nexus 7 partsnexus 7 playlist and ebay parts

if fixed1t haven't got the part you are looking for then:

click here to search ebay for other nexus 7 parts

thanks for visiting.


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