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convert garageband song samples into roland mc808 format

fixed1t garageband samples to mc-808 samples convertor

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this program enables you to convert loops and samples from an archived garageband song and convert them into compatible wav files with sample numbers which enable the fast and efficient loading onto the roland groovebox sampler the mc-808.

i've created a video showing how this program is used in collaboration with other software on this site.

in reality is a quagmire which musicians can slide into with creativity dissappearing in the process.

i began re-writing my sample to roland mc-808 groovebox exporter with a view to exporting samples from a number of the garageband songs to the mc-808 for live play. the size of the samples is critical with only 512meg of storage space on the mc-808 for a number of reasons:

1) samples are loaded at 'switch on' and the larger the samples the longer the load time

2) stereo samples must be allocated two slots in the sample memory

3) the mc-808 can use aiff and wav samples, this is user selectable but as most samples are wav i suggest setting the machine to wav and using the little endian wav format.

so this converter converts the mac garageband big endian aiff files into little endian wav files.

this program was created as part of the fixed1t suite of apple garageband helpful tools to ensure that composers can concentrate on composing rather than file editing. here is a simple tutorial video:


if you have questions about the converter please post them on the appropriate item on my blog at:

using garageband archived samples on a roland mc-808 groovebox sampler

if you would like a 3 day trial click on the email link below:

please ensure you state which mac os you are running in the body of the email e.g: 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8. this information can be found on the 'about this mac' page by clicking on the apple on the top left of your screen.:

send your email to: fixed1t garageband to mc-808 trial

when you've used this a few times, i hope you'll be willing to purchase an unlimited copy for just £15 uk pounds using the paypal buy now below or go back to the software page and add to cart.

please be aware, i hand build a personalised copy with the latest software here in the uk on receipt of clearance from paypal, so there may be a slight delay in your receiving a copy.

this is not an 'old version' automated software delivery service.

thanks fixed1t.

email address for download